HLP Systems


Whether a towering skyscraper, your residential home or everything beyond and in between, choose the highest level of protection.

We design and install all the critical components comprising our systems. Our system designs and installations meet and exceed Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), as well as the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) standards. Third-party inspection and certification are the final word on the quality systems we deliver.

Our team is comprised of UL-listed and LPI-certified lightning protection specialists. We are leading members of the Lightning Protection Institute, United Lightning Protection Association, National Electrical Contractors Association, National Fire Protection Association, Lightning Safety Alliance and Underwriters Laboratories.

Commercial Solutions

3% to 5% of all commercial insurance claims involve lightning.

Residential Solutions

Annually, lightning-related property losses exceed $2 billion dollars.

Grounding Systems

A facility’s electronic requirements often demand complex grounding systems.

“I have worked with HLP Systems for over 25 years. While providing competitive pricing, they have always provided the highest quality installations in a responsive time frame. I consider HLP as “Best in Class” in their industry.”

Carl Ehr, Vice President, Kelso Burnett