Fall 2021 Newsletter

Ground and Protect It.

Whether with customers, IBEW Local union representatives, the National Association of Electrical Contractors (“NECA”), or any of the companies and professionals that make up our world, as good relationships go, “it” rests with us.

It is accountability. It is consistent communication that leaves nothing out. It is the flexibility to maintain more than one type of relationship. This is the key to real relationships that do not fit into one box or another.

It is integrity. We guide, strengthen, and grow our business each day by treating our customers as we do our employees, friends, and family.

It is openness. To evolve, we remain open to innovation. In order to meet increasingly complex requirements and specifications, we must.

The relationship is the first thing we ground and protect. So, with excitement I share our latest newsletter.

~Jeff Harger, President, HLP Systems