HLP Systems


“Iconic, distinctive, downright imposing.” The Chicago skyline has been called many things. With roots dating back to 1960, HLP Systems’ lightning protection professionals have long called it home. Nowhere better illustrates our specialized work than in the unforgiving workspaces that constitute the modern skyscraper. A high-rise specialist, Chicago’s skyline is a living portfolio of HLP Systems-protected projects.

We push the envelope of quality.

HLP Systems has evolved in step with the industries we serve. Providing the highest level of professional lightning protection, HLP Systems is the preferred provider for leading architects, engineers and general contractors. We also work directly with owners, their representatives, property management companies and designated subcontractors.

Possessing the local knowledge and relationships, we efficiently shepherd approvals while expertly navigating sometimes obscure local ordinances.

Site-specific detailed drawings

An in-house CAD specialist works independently and with architects and engineers.

Downloadable resources

Make your work and your life easier.

Pre and real-time staged, hyper-local crews

Your system’s installation is executed within a reasonable, agreed-upon timeframe.

Professional inspection and maintenance

This ensures optimal function.

Lightning protection need not be unsightly. To the contrary, properly designed and installed systems exist and function virtually unseen. Involving HLP Systems’ designers early in the process enhances our ability to enhance your efforts.

Commercial Solutions

3% to 5% of all commercial insurance claims involve lightning.

Residential Solutions

Annually, lightning-related property losses exceed $2 billion dollars.

Grounding Systems

A facility’s electronic requirements often demand complex grounding systems.