HLP Systems


Annually, lightning-related property losses exceed $2 billion dollars. Today’s modern homes are as dependent on technology and “smart” device-driven controls as any commercial building, often more so.

The same reasons that justify lightning protection for commercial properties justify it for residential homeowners.

Protect loved ones and the systems and technological amenities that power your home and your enjoyment of it. HLP Systems’ residential specialists are sensitive to concerns for your home’s aesthetic. Our solutions for new construction and existing homes function virtually unseen.

“When my home was under construction, I investigated the need for lightning rods in my area.  Although not technically required, I noticed that a large percentage of homes around me had lightning rods.  I contacted HLP Systems.  Jeff and Justin walked me through the benefits of why lightning rods are additional insurance against a possible home disaster.  I decided to install the extra protection, and the installation was expedient and efficient.  The workers were professional and courteous and didn’t interfere at all with the home construction.  The cost was extremely reasonable for the added security on my family’s largest investment. I would highly recommend HLP Systems to anyone contemplating adding extra protection to their home.”

Tom Miller, Homeowner