HLP Systems


A facility’s electronic requirements often demand complex grounding systems. HLP Systems is proficient with virtually every system.

Three main types are widely used throughout the industry:

Ground Loop

Sub-grade, in-slab and above ground. Wherever they’re utilized, these equipotential conductors are critical for environments like high-rise buildings, data centers, and others.

Signal Reference Grid (SRG)

Consistent grounding point access is essential for raised-floor applications. Copper strip, conductor, or another alternative, these grids connect data room equipment seamlessly.

Ground Bar

The requirements for these bars are as varied as their sizes. Single-point, multi-point, riser, and beyond, ground bars are the most effective means to achieve reliable ground paths and equipotential to any equipment.

Properly designed grounding systems dissipate excess electrical charges that potentially damage equipment and structures. From a charge build-up within a power distribution unit to static discharges like lightning, the correct grounding system efficiently protects almost any structure.

“Prior to the work completed by HLP Systems, our 9-1-1 center suffered catastrophic damage at least once a year from lightning strikes. On top of the thousands of dollars in damage these strikes cost, it also affected the operation of our 9-1-1 center, essentially shutting it down and utilizing back-up facilities to answer the calls from our community. After my first conversation with HLP Systems, I could tell I had a company that not only knew what they were doing, but that also understood the severity of the problem. Jeff Harger personally inspected our system, showed us where we were vulnerable, and explained what changes needed to be made. Throughout the project, Jeff’s motto to outside vendors was, ‘Yes, that is what code says, but can we do it better.’ Since 2012, we have been hit by lightning at least once a year, and while I know nothing can guarantee to eliminate lightning damage, we have not had one piece of 9-1-1 equipment damaged from lightning. Jeff Harger and his crew have allowed me to be able to sleep during storm season.”

Brian Weis
Supervisor of Communications & Records
Lansing Police Department