HLP Systems


3% to 5% of all commercial insurance claims involve lightning. As building becomes more dependent on smart technology, insulating those systems from catastrophic interruption is as critical as the systems themselves.

Disaster averted can translate into millions of dollars saved in technology and data systems. In the most extreme cases, the structure and its occupants are spared.

Lightning follows the path of least resistance. Towering skyscrapers–like those in Chicago and many other metropolitan cities–provide lightning some of its best shortcuts.

A high-rise specialist, we have the requisite safety processes, real-world experience and professional team members to efficiently deliver solutions for the tallest buildings in our service area.

Whether a high-rise structure, or any other type of commercial property or installation, at approximately less than 1% of the total project cost, HLP Systems’ solutions deliver right-priced, optimal protection.

“Our experience with HLP Systems has involved the design and construction of smaller commercial structures.  Their willingness to work with us during the design process has resulted in well-coordinated, flawless installations in every instance.  HLP Systems brings the comprehensive, hands-on level of experience and the nurturing level of service the design and construction industry wants but can’t find.  HLP is always providing solutions, always performing, and always caring.”

Scott Hezner, The Hezner Corporation